We provide comprehensive legal consultancy in the area of corporate law of the Czech Republic; our clients include national and foreign companies and entrepreneurs, international groups, shareholders, members of statutory and control bodies.

In this area of law we are particularly focused on the following activities:

  • determining the most convenient legal form of business
  • establishing trade corporations and cooperatives and obtaining business licences
  • holding general meetings and meetings of other bodies of companies
  • transferring capital interests
  • making changes to the authorized capital
  • solving legal relations of the persons within a concern
  • carrying out legal audits, acquisitions and transformations
  • restructuring and liquidation of companies


Our law office provides legal services in every area of labour law protecting the interests of the employer or the employee. We assist our clients in all areas related to human resource management.

In this area of law we are particularly focused on the following activities:

  • preparation of contractual documents with regard to labour law (employment contracts and contracts for work carried out outside of employment)
  • preparation of internal documents for employers (working rules, wage regulations, ethical codes and other internal employer documents)
  • consultancy at formation, change and termination of labour law relations
  • consultancy at sending employees to and from the Czech Republic
  • consultancy in the area of employment by agencies (including arrangement of work permits) and allocation of employees
  • consultancy in the area of mass redundancy of employees
  • representation of the clients in labour law disputes


Representation of clients in legal, arbitration and administrative proceedings is one of the key areas of legal services provided by our law office. Within the practice of our legal business, an extraordinary emphasis is laid on complex identification of all key points of proceedings and evaluation of the client’s legal position and prospects. By analysing disputes, our law office helps clients adopt such measures that will prevent similar problems from happening again in the future. Our law office is ready to take over representation in proceedings before courts of all types and levels, including The Supreme Court, The Supreme Administrative Court and The Constitutional Court, arbitration courts and administrative courts.


Here at the Law Office we provide our clients with legal services in the area of formation, conclusion, modification and termination of contracts. We hold the thesis that a good contract should not create problems, but should solve potential problems. Therefore we approach each contract individually, paying attention to meeting this thesis and we always make sure a contract protects the rights and interests of our client.

In this area of law we are particularly focused on the following activities:

  • preparation of a wide spectrum of contracts according to the requirements and needs of our clients
  • analyses and adjustments of draft contracts submitted by an opposite party
  • creation of terms of business
  • legal consultancy during a contract process
  • modifications and termination of contracts already concluded


We offer professional legal consultancy to the clients of our law office, in relation to their real estate owned or acquired. Our services are always to the highest level regardless of whether the subject is a piece of real estate worth several thousands or several tens of millions.

In this area of law we are particularly focused on the following activities:

  • preparation of documentation necessary for ownership and use of real estate (usually change of an owner, rent, tenancy)
  • creation, change and termination of easements
  • creation, change and termination of liens and other real rights
  • custody of deeds and financial means, particularly in connection with the transfer of the title to real estate
  • representation in proceedings with a land registry
  • consultancy regarding property management
  • cancellation and settlement of divided co-ownership


We provide comprehensive legal consultancy in the area of restructuring and insolvency proceedings. Experienced lawyers and continual process optimization ensure that each case is settled to the highest professional level.

In this area of law we are particularly focused on the following activities:

  • drawing up proposals on insolvency
  • representation of creditors and debtors in insolvency proceedings
  • consultancy at acquisition of property within insolvency proceedings
  • representation in disputes within insolvency proceedings
  • corporate restructuring


The Law Office also provides package legal services in the area of debt recovery regardless of the legal reason of such a debt. Our team has long-standing experience with all stages of debt recovery, i.e. from a pre-trial stage to court proceedings, execution and enforcement.

In this area of law we are particularly focused on the following activities:

  • analysis of the case concerned and a proposal of an optimal and cost effective procedure
  • pre-trial calls to debtors, including arrangement of potential payment schedules
  • additional confirmation or security of debts to ensure a better creditor’s position
  • initiation and conducting of court and arbitration proceedings leading to final acknowledgement of debt
  • execution and enforcement
  • submission of claims to insolvency proceedings or liquidation and representation of clients in the proceedings
  • conclusion of deeds of arrangement

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